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This Fee Schedule sets forth the fees charged by Kaiperm Diablo FCU for using various accounts and services. Please review this information along with the Membership Agreement, and Truth-in-Savings Disclosure to educate on the best accounts and services for your financial needs. The Credit Union reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of these accounts from time to time without notice to you unless provided by law.

Revised as of March 1, 2018


Fee Schedule


Close Account within 90 days of Opening $15.00 


Checking Account Fees

Overdraft fee $25.00 per item

NSF $25.00 per item

Deposit Item Returned Unpaid $20.00 per item

Transfer from Shares to cover overdraft $5.00 per item

Replacement debit card or PIN Mailer $10.00 

Debit Card inactivity fee (inactive for more than 12 months) $12.00 


Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Notary Fee for non-credit union documents $10.00 

Research Paid Item $6.00 per item

Transaction Photocopy $6.00 

Domestic wire transfer (outgoing) fee $25.00 

International wire (outgoing) fee $30.00 

Statement,  copy or mid-cycle $2.00 per month

Return Statement Fee $5.00 

Money Order $3.00 per item

Teller check payable to third party* $3.00 

Additional CU Tellers's check payable to member issued same day $1.00 per additional check

Stop Payment: single item $15.00 

Stop Payment: series of checks $20.00 

Bond Insurance actual cost 

Locator Fee $5.00 per year

Individual Retirement Account $5.00 per year

Written Verification of Deposit $10.00 

Incorrect Taxpayer ID number $50.00 

Subpoena of Records $24.00 per hour

Photocopies Fee $0.20 per copy

Reconciliation Assistance $15.00 per hour

Penalty to close for abusive use $35.00 

Late Payment on Visa Credit Card $10.00 

Credit Card Cash Advance Fee 3%, up to $10.00 

Replacement Credit Card $10.00 

VISA Foreign Transaction fee; 1.00% of transaction amount

3rd Party ATM Balance Inquiry Fee $1.00 

Non-proprietary ATM Third Party Surcharge Fees May Apply as Applicable


Real Estate Fees

Demand for Payoff $30.00 

Subordination fee: Call for Current Fees 

Third Party / Other Services actual cost 

Reconveyance: Call for Current Fees


* Third Party Check Fee waived for rent or mortgage checks