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Why Kaiperm: 

  • Committed to you. We're a Financial Institution dedicated to Kaiser Employees & their families in Northern California.

  • Exceptional rates. We're not-for-profit and do not have shareholders. We work for you, the member! Earnings are returned to our members in the form of lower loan rates and low (or no) fees! 

  • Membership is free. It's free and easy to join! Plus, there are no monthly minimum balances or service fees for any of our savings or checking accounts. 

  • Once a Member, always a Member. Once you join, you’re a Member for life. You can change careers, retire, or move out of our service area, it doesn’t matter. As long as your Membership is active and in good standing, just maintain a $25 minimum balance in your Share Savings account, and we’ll be here to serve you.

  • Your family can join too. Immediate family members are eligible to join Kaiperm as well. For details on eligibility, click on the "apply" button.